Conifer or Pine?

Either! A pine tree is a type of conifer. It's like talking about a car versus a Chevrolet. Both are vehicles, one is just more specific.

Technically, a conifer is any cone bearing plant. There are about 630 species divided into seven families with Pines being the largest.

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The Pine Genome Initiative (PGI) is about unlocking the secrets of conifers

Depending on the geographic region, the conifer of choice can vary from Douglas-fir in the Pacific Northwest to loblolly pine in the Southeast. No matter what the reference species is, the benefits of unlocking the pine genome are the same.

Healthier forests, advanced biofuels, more carbon sequestration, and better forest products are just the beginning of the benefits to society and the environment.

Learn more about these benefits and the progress being made on the Overview page.

The PGI supports the research goals of the "Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008" (2008 Farm Bill) Section 9012. Learn more about the research that can help energy security, sustainable forest products, and the communities that rely on healthy forests on our Forest Biomass for Energy brief.

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